A versatile name for fog computing , fog creation, oceanside travel and more!
Open to offers and available with a purchase plan if desired.

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Possible Applications

  • fog computing (cloud computing using processing distributed across nearby devices)
  • fog creation for music, drama, sports events, etc.
  • travel businesses in foggy seaside locations
  • creative visual artists
  • a general brandable name for a broad array of businesses
  • your application!

Who Is Using .co?

The .co extension is used by many businesses around the world, including more than 7500 of the most visited websites on the Alexa 1M list. See case studies of companies using .co at this site maintained by the registry. You can conveniently search that site to find companies from any geographical location. The .co domain extension is truly global!

Additional Questions About .co

The .co extension is not tied to any particular geographical region for Google search purposes. Google have stated that the domain extension does not influence the priority given in search results. The  .co extension has an excellent record of lack of abuse, with a Spamhaus score significantly better than .com (see current value at this link). While .com is the most desired domain extension for many uses, .co is a widely used alternative.

Comparator Sales

The value of any domain name is what it is worth to your organization, something only you can determine. However, in evaluating if a domain name is reasonably priced it may be helpful to look at prices that similar domain names have sold for. In the past year alone there have been more than 500 publicly reported domain aftermarket sales in the .co extension according to the NameBio domain sales database, with an average price of more than $1600. Scroll through the list to see how much different domain names have sold for.

Colours as part of domain names are popular with the .co extension. Here are some comparator sales (all in .co):

  • RedHub ($779)
  • RedSquare ($2370)
  • RedDesign ($1000)
  • BluePrint ($480)
  • BluePanda ($250)
  • BlueStacks ($280).

Current Registration

Domain names need to be renewed usually annually. This domain is currently registered until July 2, 2020 (that registration period transfers with the domain name to the new owner). You can see the cost of .co domain renewal at various registrars using this link (be sure to click the renew tab).

Available for Immediate Use

This domain name is available for immediate purchase and transfer at the Epik domain marketplace. If you buy the domain name, availability of the domain name is assured.

Epik act as the agent who will handle your payment and the transfer the domain name to your account. Since the domain name is currently registered with them, the transaction has full security. They offer a variety of payment options as indicated below.  If you do not already have an Epik account you can set one up without cost in just a few minutes. 

Any domain name can sell at any time and there is no guarantee if it will ever be available again. Therefore if you have determined that this is the right delay for you, don't let someone else take it first! 

Other Options

Is this domain name not quite what you had in mind? You can search the Epik Marketplace or browse our complete set of offerings at  NamesThat.win for other possibilities. We currently have a number of other domain names with the word blue in the .co extension including BlueFocus.co, BlueBlox.co and BlueShoe.co

Thank you for reading, and whether you choose our domain name or one from another source, I wish you the very best with your online presence. As the seller of this domain name I have no association with Epik other than using their marketplace services. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this domain name or domain names in general.

Bob Hawkes

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